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Genealogical Researches

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Genealogy - is a term of Greek origin, which means knowledge (in the widest sense of this word) about a family, a kin or a generation. As an applied historical discipline genealogy is engaged in studying people's kinship, history of different families, origin of certain individuals, determining of kinships, working out of pedigree charts and family trees.

Kharkiv Public Archive represents services to reconstruct your ancestry through the genealogical research. Genealogical research is collecting and systematization of information about the origin of your ancestors.

The purpose of such research is obtain for information about the names of ancestors, date and place of their birth, social status and religious affiliation, family ties.

During the genealogical research specialists of Kharkiv Public Archive are used a wide range of tools and methods. In addition to the documents of various archives, we use the museum collections, library stocks, periodicals and other materials.

This approach allows us to assemble diverse information about the ancestors, such as family structure, financial status (land ownership, annual revenue), occupation, place of work and service, data on Local History, etc.

Depending on places of residence and social status of your ancestors it perhaps to reconstruct linages up to the beginning of XVIII century. Under optimal condition, the genealogical research could last for one year.

Results of the study issued in the form of a Family Tree. All documents collected during the research, with comments and explanations, are sent to you.

The cost of search for information about one ancestor is defined by tariffs, which are available on our website ( Extra costs associated with obtaining of information (travel expenses, copying of documents, etc.) are charged separately. All extra costs are confirmed by relevant documents.

Kharkiv Public Archive stands for openness and transparency in dealing with clients. All works are carried by contract.

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