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About Us

Kharkiv Public Archive was founded in 2001 by professionals with extensive experience in scientific and archival institutions of Kharkiv and Ukraine.

From the beginning our activities was based on two social missions:

  • preserving documentary heritage of organizations and institutions in Ukraine for satisfy social and legal needs of the people as well as to preserve the cultural values of bygone eras;
  • restoration and popularization of the traditional family values by the culture of knowledge of its origins.

The decade has passed for us under the signs of development, creative growth and improvement according to the challenges of time. For this time the founders has risen a new generation of highly qualified specialists. Within a short period there was created a modern material and technical base which meets all regulatory requirements. Due to the professionalism and mutual cooperation there have been established close contacts with Ukrainian organizations as well as with foreign partners.

However throughout all activities our priorities were remain unchanged: acts for preservation of documents and rooting of historical memory in each family, in each person.


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