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Information and Document Retrieval by Requests

Information and Document Retrieval is collecting, analysis and systematization of information on particular topics or issues, determining various facts or events.

Such kind of service not only satisfies your information needs, but also will be an effective tool in the solving life's challenges:

acknowledgement of nationality and rights to repatriation

The purpose of such retrieval is to collect documents that contain a reference to the nationality of sought-for person or its ancestors. The result of this service is official documents which are in full legal force and which are satisfy the requirements of consular authorities.

acknowledgement of kinship

The proof of the fact of kinship is documents issued by vital records. This is records of births, adoption, marriage, divorce, change of name or surname, etc.

recovery and obtaining certificates of vital records

This kind of retrieval enables you to receive a document certifying an act of civil status. If necessary it could be legalized according to the international law by apostille or consular legalization.

Extensive connection of Kharkiv Public Archive with numerous archival institutions, public authorities and local self-government in Ukraine and CIS, allow us to successfully execute both simple and complex requests for information and document retrieval.


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